Jan. 13th, 2011

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You guys are sweethearts! Three people responded to this post and told me to go ahead and post more drawings. So I'm going to! I've been going through some of my folders on my laptop, and I realize that if nothing else, a lot of these make excellent prompts for journal entries. Hopefully no one will feel spammed! >.<

I'm guessing these things will be anything but daily. XD Probably more like bi-weekly or something, but that doesn't sound as snappy.

First let me start by saying that I have a lot of stuff already posted on my deviantART page. Quite a few Twilight-, Ouran HSHC-, Prince of Tennis-, and Fruits Basket-related drawings. I'm gonna try not to post stuff here that I've already posted there. I also have some things under the "drawings" tag on this journal, including some fun little TNG comics.

So! Without further ado…

Daily Drawing #1 )
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Sorry I wasn't around all day! I was at a conference, and will be again tomorrow. >.< I will get back to tagging this weekend! Never feeeeeaaaarrr!!!

Moar drawings now! Yess. :3

Daily Drawing #2 )

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