Jan. 17th, 2011

spinelstar: (is it modern)
Today I go out at 7 o'clock or so in the evening to go get groceries and fill my car with gas. I get done with groceries and drive over to the gas station, getting there at about 7:40.


Seven. Freaking. FORTY. And it's CLOSED.

I don't understand how anyone gets anywhere around here! >.< The trains stop running before midnight, and don't start up again until at least 6, I'm pretty sure. (Not to mention that there AREN'T any trains down where I live. Don't even get me started on how early the buses stop running.) And the gas stations are open something like 9-5! It's ridiculous! Heaven forbid someone's mother gets sick in a neighboring city in the middle of the night and her children don't have enough GAS in their ONE CAR to be able to get to her.


It's all good, really. I still have like, a fourth a tank. I just like having a full one 'cuz the little "E" at the bottom makes me weirdly nervous. XD *paranoid* But I can't even fill it in the morning on the way to work because they won't be open that early, isn't that nuts?

Here, have a drawing. :3

Daily Drawing #4 )

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