Aug. 23rd, 2011

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That's Japanese for "Long time, no see." XD And it is an understatement.

Long story short, I've been back home for exactly 3 weeks. Things predictably got crazy the last couple of months I was in Japan, packing up and spending every weekend going to goodbye parties and trying to squeeze in last-minute sightseeing (and karaoke!). So I sort of dropped RPing suddenly and stopped checking my secondary email. ^^; As a result, I missed some things—some automatic payment failures on my journals due to an expired credit card, some very sweet and somewhat concerned emails due to me being entirely absent on LJ and AIM, and most importantly what everyone has been up to!

So what's up, everybody? :D

As for me, I'm simultaneously not up to much and up to quite a lot. (Figure that one out. XD;) On the one hand, I have been relaxing… Beating my mother at Dr. Mario, taking moonlit swims because it's too hot during the day, chatting with my sister all night until the sun starts to rise. On the other hand, she and I decided pretty quickly that we needed to switch our rooms around, and we've gone all out. After a few trips to IKEA, I've got all new furniture in here, aaaaaand our beds are finally in separate rooms. We used to sleep in the same room so we could chat all night, and left the other room for desks and books and things. But I got so used to living by myself that we decided I should at least have my own space. And I like it now; it's pretty. ♥ I'll have to take some pictures.

Things are winding down on that now, though, and I'm still taking the rest of the year off. I've got a decent amount of money saved up from teaching, and since I'm living at home I don't really need any income. I would like to pursue a bit of singing and acting while I have time like this, but at the moment I'm not really thinking about that. First I'd like to jump back into RPing!! I'm free as a bird, and what better way to spend it than playing and chatting with you guys?? :D You all kept me SANE through what was, for me, both a very difficult and rewarding experience. I can never thank you guys enough. ♥

I'm sure I'll do a long and more reflective post about my time in Japan (maybe several), but for now I just wanted to update and let everybody know what was up. You all are awesome! I'm anxious to catch up with everyone. ^_^

It's so good to be home~ ♥

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