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Feb. 21st, 2011 08:05 am
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Well, guess what, guys? I'm really sick.

I started feeling really dizzy yesterday while I was doing laundry, and it kind of scared me, so I took a nap. I woke up feeling a little better, but I had a splitting headache. So before I went to bed I took some Excedrin PM, which both cured the headache and knocked me out sufficiently. And I woke up feeling much better than I expected to this morning, but definitely sick.

I considered staying home, but my friend here warned me over Facebook not to do that. I don't know if my school is this way, but other JETs have been told that they have to get doctor's notes if they want their absence to be considered sick leave. That wouldn't be a problem, except that none of the doctors in my town speak English, and I'd have to drive over an hour to see a doctor I feel comfortable with. Which I don't feel good about doing if I'm sick. And I don't really want to see a doctor anyway, because I hate doctors and I don't feel that sick.

Luckily it's just a bad cold. I was worried that I would get the flu or something and start throwing up, but I just feel like my sinuses are clogged and my nose is runny and I've been sneezing. But it already feels like the worst has passed.

I'm going to try going into work today. I didn't put on makeup, and I'm going in wearing a mask, as is the habit around here to do when one is ill. Best case scenario, they'll take pity on me and tell me to go home. ;)

If they don't, though, that's okay too. I was just hoping I wouldn't have to push myself today, but I think my teachers are nice enough to at least go easy on me.
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