Mar. 19th, 2011 12:10 pm
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So... yeah. I haven't been around.

I guess it just wasn't a good week for someone as high-strung as me to be living in Japan. *nervous laughter* I've been having crazy mood swings. I've mitigated this effect by remaining in contact with at least one of my family members almost 24/7, whether through Skype at home or IM at work. And thus I have not had time nor brain for much of anything else. :/

Here's the situation, though: I could not possibly be much safer than I am, where I am. The nuclear plant is a non-issue. I did not feel the original earthquake, nor have I felt a single aftershock. And the worst is definitely over.

My family is still coming to see me, which I'm really excited about. We were originally planning on going to Tokyo, but we've decided to hang out in Osaka instead, which I'm really excited about-- I've never been to Osaka, even though I'm technically only 3 1/2 hours away from it, LOL. XD

Tokyo probably would have been fine, except they're still having aftershocks, and since we were going to be staying in a really tall hotel building there was a possibility of feeling it sway once in a while. Not good when certain members of my family are even more high-strung than I am. I think we'll all be a lot more comfortable in Osaka.

Anyways, so I caught up mostly on tags last night, and I'll *try* to be around more this week. Sorry for the epic slowtimes. T.T And then starting Friday, I will be occupied with a family trip for two weeks, and thus be absent. Just to warn.

I love (and miss) you guys! ♥
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