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Today was a pink petal day.

It was cloudy this morning and, predictably, started to rain this afternoon. So it was raining when I left the elementary school. The extra weight of the raindrops was causing the cherryblossoms to fall, so it looked like it was snowing everywhere. I hadn't realized I'd parked my car under a cherryblossom tree, and it had this adorable smattering of pink petals all over it. The way the petals were falling was so pretty and slow-motion and perfect that it looked fake. I wish I'd been able to take a video of it or something. ♥

And then for my bath today I used one of the bath bombs I bought at the Lush store in Osaka. When I'd picked up the one called "Pink" the lady at the store had said something about "kami (paper)", so I figured it must have had a streamer in it or something (I'd heard of ones that do that). But it was confetti. It was these adorable little pink paper hearts, floating all over my bright pink bath. It was such a delightful surprise, because I really wasn't expecting that. :3

I heard that the Prime Minister of Japan asked his people not to have cherryblossom festivals this year, claiming that it was not a good time to celebrate. I know this isn't my culture, and I appreciate that we need to honor the dead, but I can't help feeling like this particular idea is bogus. I think Japan needed to enjoy the cherryblossoms this month. I know I did.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to participate in the traditional practice of hanami (flower viewing). But it mostly involves picnics and drinking and socializing, none of which I am very fond of/good at, haha. ^^; So maybe it's just as well. Saw a lot of amazing cherryblossoms, though. It is now officially off my bucket list.

And just because I happen to have one prepared, I shall give you another poll question. :3

What's a "convergence," and why is it kind of kinky?

A convergence is basically the source of an astromancer's power. It's where the core of their magic energy is located, and each Sign's is located in a different spot. For example, a Neptune astromancer's convergence is located in the space between their ears, while a Mars astromancer's is located in their chest, right around their heart. This core is basically considered an astromancer's soul.

Why it's kind of kinky is because this becomes an especially sensitive area, at least when dealing with other astromancers. Any time two astromancers touch, there is a transfer of energy. Depending on which two Signs are involved and how powerful they are, this sensation can be more or less potent and any range of pleasantness. But it's always noticeable, and it's much stronger when the physical contact is close to the site of one's convergence.

There's an anatomy to it I don't completely understand. The core (their soul) is at the center, the convergence (the energy) is around it, and there's a sort of "membrane" around that they call a vortex, which keeps most of the energy from spilling out on its own—using one's magic is a conscious act. From there, it's a system of channels running through their entire bodies through which they can direct the energy, kind of like a circulatory system, through which some amount of energy is usually running.

There will be more on this later, in another question. But for now let's leave it at that.

I have to go to work tomorrow, on a Saturday. What's up with that?
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