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I'm posting a fanfic! I know, right? Since when do I ever do that??

It's from my sister's novel, which may seem a bit ridiculous to post. But I think it's enjoyable anyway, and not too hard to follow. And it's been declared canon by the author! Woo! \o/

I wrote this for her before her long plane flight to come see me. It's actually sort of a companion piece to an excerpt she wrote for my birthday, titled, "Silver."

(BTW, I'll be f-locking this later, so if you can't find it, that's why.)

Title: Gold
Rating: Oh-so PG
Canon: My sister's novel, Astralis
Word Count: 3,376
Point of View: 3rd-person, primarily following a younger Augusta Abrams
Summary: The Palace ballroom is noisy and bright, but Augusta—now silver-haired, a result of her recent brush with death—feels cold and alone. She attempts to escape the happy commotion of the party… and is followed. Ten years pre-canon.
Notes: It might be useful to read this post, but you can sort of get the gist of what's going on without it. Enjoy! ^^ This is one of my favorite fanfics I've written so far.

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Have a poll question! *chucks it*

What are counterparts, and what do they have to do with who you ship in this story? )
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60-second-rant, GO!

ARRRGGHH work has been crazy. For no reason at all. I had five classes yesterday, and four each day two days before that, and today I have three. And it came at the worst time because my back is hurting (don't know how I hurt it) and being on my feet all day isn't helping. And I haven't been able to RP at ALL because I come home exhausted and I have no time during the day and it's made me REALLY upset and cranky and I wish I could play with all of you guys because I really miss it. :(

*deep breath*


Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] viridian and [livejournal.com profile] chanter_greenie:

Give me a character and I will tell you...

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character -
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

(List of characters in my profile.)
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Today was a pink petal day.

It was cloudy this morning and, predictably, started to rain this afternoon. So it was raining when I left the elementary school. The extra weight of the raindrops was causing the cherryblossoms to fall, so it looked like it was snowing everywhere. I hadn't realized I'd parked my car under a cherryblossom tree, and it had this adorable smattering of pink petals all over it. The way the petals were falling was so pretty and slow-motion and perfect that it looked fake. I wish I'd been able to take a video of it or something. ♥

And then for my bath today I used one of the bath bombs I bought at the Lush store in Osaka. When I'd picked up the one called "Pink" the lady at the store had said something about "kami (paper)", so I figured it must have had a streamer in it or something (I'd heard of ones that do that). But it was confetti. It was these adorable little pink paper hearts, floating all over my bright pink bath. It was such a delightful surprise, because I really wasn't expecting that. :3

I heard that the Prime Minister of Japan asked his people not to have cherryblossom festivals this year, claiming that it was not a good time to celebrate. I know this isn't my culture, and I appreciate that we need to honor the dead, but I can't help feeling like this particular idea is bogus. I think Japan needed to enjoy the cherryblossoms this month. I know I did.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to participate in the traditional practice of hanami (flower viewing). But it mostly involves picnics and drinking and socializing, none of which I am very fond of/good at, haha. ^^; So maybe it's just as well. Saw a lot of amazing cherryblossoms, though. It is now officially off my bucket list.

And just because I happen to have one prepared, I shall give you another poll question. :3

What's a convergence, and why is it kind of kinky? )

I have to go to work tomorrow, on a Saturday. What's up with that?
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In the interest of trying not to bug my sister and let her get some work done (she's almost finished-- woo hoo! :D), I have babbled at you all again. Finally got back to doing poll questions, hee.

Hey, Little Miss Only-Plays-Side-Characters, is the main character even interesting at all? )
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Hey guys!

I will not be around for two weeks starting tomorrow, as I will be vacationing with my family. ^_^

I apologize for epic slowtimes that have already been put into epic slowtime. >_> I've been really unfocused these past few weeks, but I hope that things will get better after spending some time with my sister and my parents.

Love you guys, and see you in a couple weeks! ♥
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I think I acutally managed to save that horrible picture I was drawing. I worked on it all today, and it looks a TON better than I expected it to turn out.

Note to self: always send things to sister for a self-esteem boost. :3 Then I might actually have the motivation to finish some things.

But now I'm not sure whether or not I want to post it. It may be the best CG I've ever done, so I kind of want to, but it's very... NSFW. *headDESK* I could label it and all that, but I'm just not sure whether I want to display it publicly at all... I dunno. I have issues. -.-;

In other news, I had the day off today! I totally forgot. XD I drove all the way to work before I realized, because no one was there. The extra day of weekend was a wonderful blessing, even if I only got out of the house to go grocery shopping. Hee.
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I haven't even tried sleeping yet. I will soon. :/

I'm really bored so I'm going to show you guys another glimpse of my progress with the skating picture so far. That wasn't what I was working on, but I'm thinking I'll probably go back to it this week.

So you guys get a Julian.

Daily Drawing #12 )

Hearts for all of you. ♥
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You know what's a lovely thing?

Cell shading.

Me, attempting anything else*?


Smack me if I try to do that again.

*Besides blurry, one-color shading, which is basically cell shading with a blur filter. But actually trying to make a body look 3-dimensional, with lots and lots of different-colored shadows? Uh-uh. D:

Edit (because I don't want to spam you guys with a seperate post and I feel like adding): The piece I was working on is oddly draining for me, and not just because I made it hard on myself technically. I'm really disturbed. I shouldn't care about fictional characters this much, whether they are my sister's or not.

So now I've got all of this emotional energy and I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm feeling strangely agitated-- maybe anxious is a better word.

This kind of sucks. I meant to RP this weekend, or clean my house, or something. I ended up working really hard on a drawing I don't even like now, and getting oddly emotionally invested in the concept.

What is wrong with me? O_o;

But, eh. I'll get over it. :P I'll go take a bath, maybe watch some Golden Girls DVDs. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight...

(I'm feeling a little anxious about other things, too, like family trip logistics. I have no idea how to get to Osaka. Trains, obviously, but routes and stuff can be confusing...)


Mar. 20th, 2011 12:53 am
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I am not getting notifs.

This is frustrating.

That is all.

Actually, also, I am fail. It is admittedly not just the lack of notifs that is causing me to not tag back. Brain is apparently still broken. :/


Mar. 19th, 2011 12:10 pm
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So... yeah. I haven't been around.

I guess it just wasn't a good week for someone as high-strung as me to be living in Japan. *nervous laughter* I've been having crazy mood swings. I've mitigated this effect by remaining in contact with at least one of my family members almost 24/7, whether through Skype at home or IM at work. And thus I have not had time nor brain for much of anything else. :/

Here's the situation, though: I could not possibly be much safer than I am, where I am. The nuclear plant is a non-issue. I did not feel the original earthquake, nor have I felt a single aftershock. And the worst is definitely over.

My family is still coming to see me, which I'm really excited about. We were originally planning on going to Tokyo, but we've decided to hang out in Osaka instead, which I'm really excited about-- I've never been to Osaka, even though I'm technically only 3 1/2 hours away from it, LOL. XD

Tokyo probably would have been fine, except they're still having aftershocks, and since we were going to be staying in a really tall hotel building there was a possibility of feeling it sway once in a while. Not good when certain members of my family are even more high-strung than I am. I think we'll all be a lot more comfortable in Osaka.

Anyways, so I caught up mostly on tags last night, and I'll *try* to be around more this week. Sorry for the epic slowtimes. T.T And then starting Friday, I will be occupied with a family trip for two weeks, and thus be absent. Just to warn.

I love (and miss) you guys! ♥
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Okay. I have just witnessed something really tragic happening very close to home, or what I have been considering my home for over six months. The destruction is awful. Aftershocks are still happening up north and causing worry. And unfortunately, worst of all, it's cost hundreds of lives.

But for my own sake, I need to shed some sunshine on the situation.

This is about the worst thing that could ever have possibly happened-- the worst recorded earthquake to hit Japan, ever. Places were hit with 10m waves, and the entire coastline was affected, including the little fishing village I reside in on the east coast. A very similar earthquake happened in the 1920's, and it left over 140,000 people dead.

And yet none of the projected figures I've heard this time are over 1,000.

There are literally millions of people in Sendai, where it hit the worst. Somehow, they had about 15 minutes of warning, and that was enough to save millions of lives. I haven't heard anything about overcrowded shelters. I haven't even heard anything about people not having food and water. The majority of places even up north seem to have running water and electricity, and people seem to be able to contact each other for the most part.

I am so incredibly grateful for this amazing country I've been able to visit, and even call my home for this year, that it's literally bringing me to tears. I can't believe how prepared they are-- it doesn't make any sense, almost; this could have ended up so much worse. I am so impresed by the calm and dutiful way people are taking care of the situation and each other during this time. And I am so amazingly lucky to be here now, in the age of so much information in a developed country where it seems like not a single person has been left in the dark about what's going on. Even I, who can't understand most Japanese, have been able to figure out everything as it's happening, and even call and see my family and tell them I am fine.

Down in my town, we heard sirens and dozens of warnings. I was at school when we heard (less than 10 minutes after the earthquake), and we kept the children after school just in case, because some of them walk close to the ocean on the way home. But the wave didn't even come over the barriers, or stir the boats in the harbor. And all of my teachers were watching and being very careful, and no one was in a panic. It's incredibly comforting, to know that even as bad as all this was, so many people are being protected and taken care of like that.

Again, don't get me wrong: this is a horrible tragedy. Where I am was barely hit with anything (I didn't even feel it) and I can't comprehend some of the images I'm seeing. But watching the news and talking about how bad it was isn't helping me anymore, and even though worrying seems appropriate or even important to me somehow, let's face it, it's not helping anyone else either.

I'd rather pray for those affected, but also sincerely thank God for all of the lives that were saved, because of all the hard work the people of Japan have put into being prepared for things like this. I think it's nothing short of a miracle.

Edit (3/14): I am saddened and even angry about more recent reports; things are worse than I was led to believe on Saturday. Still, even as my heart is breaking and the true extent of the damage is taking my words away, I know I still need to be grateful that it wasn't even worse. Pray that the thousands still missing are found.


Mar. 11th, 2011 10:08 pm
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Just in case anyone's heard about the earthquake, I wanted to let you all know that I'm fine, and there wasn't any damage or anything around here.

I don't really feel like writing about it yet, due to lack of energy and just wanting everything to be over already. :/
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So, it's taking me so long to finish this epic picture, I figure I should give you guys a preview.

So you get a Frederick. ^_^

Daily Drawing #11 )

And now it's 2am and I need to sleep. XD I need to stop taking naps. I don't get tired early enough.
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So, I haven't been drawing as much lately, hence no Daily Drawings. Though I did just get an awesome AWESOME idea last night, but it includes all of my sister's Knights and it's gonna be a doozy. And my next 5 days are all too busy to rationalize working on it. WHY, BRAIN, WHYYYYYY??? D:

In other news, I'm still a little too worn out from my Milliversary to EP any of my characters or tag out a bunch. But! I do feel a lot like babbling. And of course my sister's novel is on my brain, but I can't figure out what I want to babble about because I don't know what would be interesting.

So! Choose one or more to ask me, and I will babble about it in my next post:

[Poll #1712742]

I'd like to babble about all of these eventually, maybe (if I don’t get bored with it first XD), but I'd like to know which of these sound the most interesting.


Answers )
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Alas, it will not last. XD But I'm proud of myself for hitting everybody tonight.

So, guys. I've decided I want to have more in-depth discussions with people about character things. So, tell me:

What's been eating your brain lately? Which characters have taken over, what ideas are swirling around up there, what are you thinking about when class/work/life is boring?


Ask me anything! About me, about my characters... as you all know, I love to babble about things! What do you want to know?

I'm in the mood for talking! It gets my brain going. :3

Bleeeh. :P

Feb. 21st, 2011 08:05 am
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Well, guess what, guys? I'm really sick.

I started feeling really dizzy yesterday while I was doing laundry, and it kind of scared me, so I took a nap. I woke up feeling a little better, but I had a splitting headache. So before I went to bed I took some Excedrin PM, which both cured the headache and knocked me out sufficiently. And I woke up feeling much better than I expected to this morning, but definitely sick.

I considered staying home, but my friend here warned me over Facebook not to do that. I don't know if my school is this way, but other JETs have been told that they have to get doctor's notes if they want their absence to be considered sick leave. That wouldn't be a problem, except that none of the doctors in my town speak English, and I'd have to drive over an hour to see a doctor I feel comfortable with. Which I don't feel good about doing if I'm sick. And I don't really want to see a doctor anyway, because I hate doctors and I don't feel that sick.

Luckily it's just a bad cold. I was worried that I would get the flu or something and start throwing up, but I just feel like my sinuses are clogged and my nose is runny and I've been sneezing. But it already feels like the worst has passed.

I'm going to try going into work today. I didn't put on makeup, and I'm going in wearing a mask, as is the habit around here to do when one is ill. Best case scenario, they'll take pity on me and tell me to go home. ;)

If they don't, though, that's okay too. I was just hoping I wouldn't have to push myself today, but I think my teachers are nice enough to at least go easy on me.
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You guyyyyyys. T_T

I am SO sorry I have not been around and tagging lately! I'm seriously so mad at myself and I don't know what to do. I don't even want to ask for fades because all of the threads I have going right now are so awesome, but I'm starting to think that's what I'm going to have to do. I'll let them sit there for a few more days at least, but… Seriously, every time I even start to think about tagging, I just feel so overwhelmed. I don't even know why; 15 threads isn't all that much.

So anyway, I'm really really sorry. You guys deserve more of my attention than I've been giving, and I know it's really hard to get into threads when they're in such epic slowtimes. I haven't even been tagging back once a day, which should be the least I can manage.

I really love you guys, despite my fail. And I'm really sorry.

This does absolutely nothing for anyone, but I have a drawing I just pumped out in the past few hours…

Daily Drawing #9 )
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It is now 28 minutes before midnight as I'm typing this, which means I finished all of my pictures for people on time! Yay! XD

Presents )

presents )


Love you all, guys! ♥ Thanks for an awesome year and and awesome Milliversary. I had fun.

Here's to another awesome year! :D


Feb. 12th, 2011 07:58 pm
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Hi guys. Sorry I wasn't around today...

I got my hair cut! :D

Cut for picture )

Now I have to finish two drawings either tonight or tomorrow, and then hopefully plan some sort of multi-pup post for my Milliversary! :D See you guys then.


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