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The magical disappearing Karin strikes again!

I have a good reason this time, really! My sister (and I) had a bit of a meltdown on Wednesday night about her book, and then again on Sunday night due to something I'd said about the first few chapters of the new version. (Long story. -_-;) So! I made it up to her by reading the whole thing (which btw made me realize I don't know WTH I was going on about, even though it was kind of a minor thing I mentioned O_o;), and it is EVEN MORE AWESOME, and I've been working on giving her detailed comments chapter by chapter because she demands (and deserves) something more than "It's good/I like it" (which is all she's been getting from people as of yet :P).

So! There will still be some of that going on, but feel free to poke me for any reason.


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In other other news, I might have a half day today. SWEET!
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My friends, I think I must resign myself to my fate.

Now that there is only one English teacher in my school, the classes are arranged such so that it is humanly possible for him to be present in all of them. And what does that mean for me? That I, too, am also capable of being present in all of them.

Consequently, I am now apparently going to be present in all of them, whether I actually help much during the lesson or not.

What does this mean? Four classes a day, on average. And what does that mean?

No RP, except on weekends. Because I'm just too exhausted and don't have much time anymore.

But I really can't complain, and I especially can't resent my teacher for it. He's a really nice guy. And really, it's a lot more fulfilling than sitting at my desk surfing the internet, and feeling like I'm not helping here at all. Now I get to actually see and talk to my students everday. The only thing that's annoying about it is when I'm sitting there through half the class, watching Niwa-sensei explain things in Japanese, and not doing anything.

Anyways. I was in a drawing mood last night, when I woke up from my nap. So you guys get to see one of my crappy pencil sketches. XD

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♥'s for everybody! ^.^
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I'm posting a fanfic! I know, right? Since when do I ever do that??

It's from my sister's novel, which may seem a bit ridiculous to post. But I think it's enjoyable anyway, and not too hard to follow. And it's been declared canon by the author! Woo! \o/

I wrote this for her before her long plane flight to come see me. It's actually sort of a companion piece to an excerpt she wrote for my birthday, titled, "Silver."

(BTW, I'll be f-locking this later, so if you can't find it, that's why.)

Title: Gold
Rating: Oh-so PG
Canon: My sister's novel, Astralis
Word Count: 3,376
Point of View: 3rd-person, primarily following a younger Augusta Abrams
Summary: The Palace ballroom is noisy and bright, but Augusta—now silver-haired, a result of her recent brush with death—feels cold and alone. She attempts to escape the happy commotion of the party… and is followed. Ten years pre-canon.
Notes: It might be useful to read this post, but you can sort of get the gist of what's going on without it. Enjoy! ^^ This is one of my favorite fanfics I've written so far.

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Have a poll question! *chucks it*

What are counterparts, and what do they have to do with who you ship in this story? )
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Today was a pink petal day.

It was cloudy this morning and, predictably, started to rain this afternoon. So it was raining when I left the elementary school. The extra weight of the raindrops was causing the cherryblossoms to fall, so it looked like it was snowing everywhere. I hadn't realized I'd parked my car under a cherryblossom tree, and it had this adorable smattering of pink petals all over it. The way the petals were falling was so pretty and slow-motion and perfect that it looked fake. I wish I'd been able to take a video of it or something. ♥

And then for my bath today I used one of the bath bombs I bought at the Lush store in Osaka. When I'd picked up the one called "Pink" the lady at the store had said something about "kami (paper)", so I figured it must have had a streamer in it or something (I'd heard of ones that do that). But it was confetti. It was these adorable little pink paper hearts, floating all over my bright pink bath. It was such a delightful surprise, because I really wasn't expecting that. :3

I heard that the Prime Minister of Japan asked his people not to have cherryblossom festivals this year, claiming that it was not a good time to celebrate. I know this isn't my culture, and I appreciate that we need to honor the dead, but I can't help feeling like this particular idea is bogus. I think Japan needed to enjoy the cherryblossoms this month. I know I did.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to participate in the traditional practice of hanami (flower viewing). But it mostly involves picnics and drinking and socializing, none of which I am very fond of/good at, haha. ^^; So maybe it's just as well. Saw a lot of amazing cherryblossoms, though. It is now officially off my bucket list.

And just because I happen to have one prepared, I shall give you another poll question. :3

What's a convergence, and why is it kind of kinky? )

I have to go to work tomorrow, on a Saturday. What's up with that?
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In the interest of trying not to bug my sister and let her get some work done (she's almost finished-- woo hoo! :D), I have babbled at you all again. Finally got back to doing poll questions, hee.

Hey, Little Miss Only-Plays-Side-Characters, is the main character even interesting at all? )
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I haven't even tried sleeping yet. I will soon. :/

I'm really bored so I'm going to show you guys another glimpse of my progress with the skating picture so far. That wasn't what I was working on, but I'm thinking I'll probably go back to it this week.

So you guys get a Julian.

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Hearts for all of you. ♥
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So, it's taking me so long to finish this epic picture, I figure I should give you guys a preview.

So you get a Frederick. ^_^

Daily Drawing #11 )

And now it's 2am and I need to sleep. XD I need to stop taking naps. I don't get tired early enough.

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