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The magical disappearing Karin strikes again!

I have a good reason this time, really! My sister (and I) had a bit of a meltdown on Wednesday night about her book, and then again on Sunday night due to something I'd said about the first few chapters of the new version. (Long story. -_-;) So! I made it up to her by reading the whole thing (which btw made me realize I don't know WTH I was going on about, even though it was kind of a minor thing I mentioned O_o;), and it is EVEN MORE AWESOME, and I've been working on giving her detailed comments chapter by chapter because she demands (and deserves) something more than "It's good/I like it" (which is all she's been getting from people as of yet :P).

So! There will still be some of that going on, but feel free to poke me for any reason.


Daily Drawing #14 )

In other other news, I might have a half day today. SWEET!
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My friends, I think I must resign myself to my fate.

Now that there is only one English teacher in my school, the classes are arranged such so that it is humanly possible for him to be present in all of them. And what does that mean for me? That I, too, am also capable of being present in all of them.

Consequently, I am now apparently going to be present in all of them, whether I actually help much during the lesson or not.

What does this mean? Four classes a day, on average. And what does that mean?

No RP, except on weekends. Because I'm just too exhausted and don't have much time anymore.

But I really can't complain, and I especially can't resent my teacher for it. He's a really nice guy. And really, it's a lot more fulfilling than sitting at my desk surfing the internet, and feeling like I'm not helping here at all. Now I get to actually see and talk to my students everday. The only thing that's annoying about it is when I'm sitting there through half the class, watching Niwa-sensei explain things in Japanese, and not doing anything.

Anyways. I was in a drawing mood last night, when I woke up from my nap. So you guys get to see one of my crappy pencil sketches. XD

Daily Drawing #13 (and random babbling) )

♥'s for everybody! ^.^
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I drew a quick present for [livejournal.com profile] ceitfianna. ♥

This is long overdue. )

Happy Easter everybody! ^.^/
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I haven't even tried sleeping yet. I will soon. :/

I'm really bored so I'm going to show you guys another glimpse of my progress with the skating picture so far. That wasn't what I was working on, but I'm thinking I'll probably go back to it this week.

So you guys get a Julian.

Daily Drawing #12 )

Hearts for all of you. ♥
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So, it's taking me so long to finish this epic picture, I figure I should give you guys a preview.

So you get a Frederick. ^_^

Daily Drawing #11 )

And now it's 2am and I need to sleep. XD I need to stop taking naps. I don't get tired early enough.
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You guyyyyyys. T_T

I am SO sorry I have not been around and tagging lately! I'm seriously so mad at myself and I don't know what to do. I don't even want to ask for fades because all of the threads I have going right now are so awesome, but I'm starting to think that's what I'm going to have to do. I'll let them sit there for a few more days at least, but… Seriously, every time I even start to think about tagging, I just feel so overwhelmed. I don't even know why; 15 threads isn't all that much.

So anyway, I'm really really sorry. You guys deserve more of my attention than I've been giving, and I know it's really hard to get into threads when they're in such epic slowtimes. I haven't even been tagging back once a day, which should be the least I can manage.

I really love you guys, despite my fail. And I'm really sorry.

This does absolutely nothing for anyone, but I have a drawing I just pumped out in the past few hours…

Daily Drawing #9 )
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It is now 28 minutes before midnight as I'm typing this, which means I finished all of my pictures for people on time! Yay! XD

Presents )

presents )


Love you all, guys! ♥ Thanks for an awesome year and and awesome Milliversary. I had fun.

Here's to another awesome year! :D
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AGGGHHHHHHHHH I only have 8 days to finish three pictures!!!! D:

I'm not freaking out about self-imposed deadlines. ._. What?

And heaven knows I've been doing enough drawing lately so that this shouldn't be a problem. Anyway. This one was fun!

Presents, presents, presents... )
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"Will she ever stop drawing fanart for her sister's novel?"


Daily Drawing #8 )
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Hello again. :D

Daily Drawing #7 )
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Another present! )

Btw, they're still open for whoever might want a drawing-- they're really fun, and I'm flattered that anyone's wanted one at all! XD Unfortunately, I can't promise that anyone who asks for one from this point on will get it before my Milliversary on February 13th. But I would still like to do one for anyone who wants one!

(Am I making any sense right now? I'm braindead for some reason. O.o)

Love you guys. ♥
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Daily Drawing #6 )
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Apparently my alarm clock is broken or something. Let's hear it for unintentional, 3-hour naps! :/ (not)

I can't really think of a drawing I feel like talking about much, so today's is short:

Daily Drawing #5 )

And here's my meme:

Ask any of my pups (or me) a question, and I'll ask one of yours one! It can be about anything-- ask for advice, an opinion on another character, or even call them out on something you've seen them do. Send a riddle, or just pose a random question like, "How's the weather?" Anything goes!

(Make sure to send a link to any sort of pup list you have handy, so I don't forget anyone! Mine's in my profile.)

I don't know if this meme is interesting, but feel free to steal. :3
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Today I go out at 7 o'clock or so in the evening to go get groceries and fill my car with gas. I get done with groceries and drive over to the gas station, getting there at about 7:40.


Seven. Freaking. FORTY. And it's CLOSED.

I don't understand how anyone gets anywhere around here! >.< The trains stop running before midnight, and don't start up again until at least 6, I'm pretty sure. (Not to mention that there AREN'T any trains down where I live. Don't even get me started on how early the buses stop running.) And the gas stations are open something like 9-5! It's ridiculous! Heaven forbid someone's mother gets sick in a neighboring city in the middle of the night and her children don't have enough GAS in their ONE CAR to be able to get to her.


It's all good, really. I still have like, a fourth a tank. I just like having a full one 'cuz the little "E" at the bottom makes me weirdly nervous. XD *paranoid* But I can't even fill it in the morning on the way to work because they won't be open that early, isn't that nuts?

Here, have a drawing. :3

Daily Drawing #4 )
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Hopefully I'm back to full RP power for the weekend! p(^o^)q I'll be gone tomorrow evening, but most of y'all will be asleep then anyway. Other than that (and chores I guess), I'm all yours. ♥

Okay, so today's DD is more of a dump:

Daily Drawing #3 )
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Sorry I wasn't around all day! I was at a conference, and will be again tomorrow. >.< I will get back to tagging this weekend! Never feeeeeaaaarrr!!!

Moar drawings now! Yess. :3

Daily Drawing #2 )
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You guys are sweethearts! Three people responded to this post and told me to go ahead and post more drawings. So I'm going to! I've been going through some of my folders on my laptop, and I realize that if nothing else, a lot of these make excellent prompts for journal entries. Hopefully no one will feel spammed! >.<

I'm guessing these things will be anything but daily. XD Probably more like bi-weekly or something, but that doesn't sound as snappy.

First let me start by saying that I have a lot of stuff already posted on my deviantART page. Quite a few Twilight-, Ouran HSHC-, Prince of Tennis-, and Fruits Basket-related drawings. I'm gonna try not to post stuff here that I've already posted there. I also have some things under the "drawings" tag on this journal, including some fun little TNG comics.

So! Without further ado…

Daily Drawing #1 )
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This one's less of a surprise. ;)

Another Christmas present! )

These are still open for anyone who wants. ^__^ Just let me know! Comment with a favorite moment/thread! And if we haven't threaded, talk to me and I bet we can figure something out. ;)
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Hey, guys! Remember that question I asked on Thursday?

Well, only one person responded, which is totally cool. XD It just proves what a TOTAL SWEETHEART she is. ♥ (I think she's commented on basically all of my inane journal entries, lol.)

So I've got a surprise for her! )

If anyone else wants a drawing, please let me know! I'd like to do these in lieu of Christmas cards or fanfic or anything like that. I don't write well with prompts for some reason, and I won't have time to send cards during my couple of weeks at home. But since it's almost December (yikes!) and I'm not positive how many of these I can get done before Christmas, if enough people ask for something, I'll extend it and say it's in celebration of my first Milliversary, which is coming up in February. What better way to celebrate than capturing memories of fun threads?

Thanks, guys! I ♥ you all.
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