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I haven't even tried sleeping yet. I will soon. :/

I'm really bored so I'm going to show you guys another glimpse of my progress with the skating picture so far. That wasn't what I was working on, but I'm thinking I'll probably go back to it this week.

So you guys get a Julian.

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Hearts for all of you. ♥
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So, it's taking me so long to finish this epic picture, I figure I should give you guys a preview.

So you get a Frederick. ^_^

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And now it's 2am and I need to sleep. XD I need to stop taking naps. I don't get tired early enough.
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Anyone else seen the new Katy Perry video? I think it's amazing. It made me cry, actually, but that's probably because it's late and I'm in that sort of mood. Still inspiring, though.

It's 11:30 right now. I took a nap earlier, because I only slept for 3 hours last night. It was storming. Lightning never scared me before, but I'm not used to hits of thunder that last for 10 seconds or more like that. I think more than scared I might have just been feeling lonely. I had to call my mom-- the one thing I appreciate about weird timezones is they're really convenient for when I'm up at odd hours and can't sleep. Given that, getting through today was easier than it should have been. To be honest, the only explanation I can point to is the fact that I prayed really hard about it this morning. Thank God for small graces that seem huge in the present.

If my sleep schedule is a little messed up right now, though, it's okay. Apparently Wednesday is another national holiday. I forgot about it because I hadn't looked at the November calendar since they gave it to me, and since there weren't any holidays in October, it was in my head that I wouldn't be getting a day off anytime soon. So that was another nice thing that happened today. Also, it seems I'm already almost completely over my cold. I've never gotten over a cold that fast... Maybe the vitamin C soda I'm drinking is actually working.

Won't be around for RP within the next 15 hours, since I don't bring my computer to my elementary schools.

Love everybody! ♥
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HEY GUESS WHAT? I finally got 8 hours of sleep!

Except... I did it at the completely wrong time. O_o I went to bed a 6... and woke up at 2 am.

But it's okay... In a way, I was kind of hoping that would happen. That's why I didn't set an alarm for myself. Now I have a good amount of sleep under my belt for when I speak at the school assembly today. (*NERVOUS*)

Also, my sleep schedule is whack right now but it should be easier to fix this way. I'll just "stay up" until 8 tonight, and then 10 tomorrow night, and then everything should be right on track, right? In theory.

In the meantime, it's 3 am, and I'm just waking up.
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I'm still having trouble sleeping, apparently. I should've just taken that nap when I wanted to.

I developed a new irrational fear to add to my list of late-night anxiety attack symptoms: tonight I've decided that I'm afraid my throat's going to close up because I just ate something I've never eaten before, and obviously there must be something in it I'm allergic to. I've never been allergic to anything. And it's freakin' potato chips.

I ate them because I was hungry. I thought the reason I couldn't sleep was because I was distracted by my stomach growling. Now it seems I've managed to make it worse. If my throat feels a little tight, I'm pretty sure it's a combination of the salt and eating them too quickly causing a bit of indigestion. Nothing to panic over but that's just how I roll.

I'm vaguely considering calling my mom, maybe. It's eight o'clock in the morning where she is, and I know she'll be up.

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I'm doing laundry today. That's all that's going to get accomplished, I think. I was going to vacuum my tatami, but I'm just not feeling up to it... I didn't get to sleep until 4 am last night, for reasons I don't understand. O_o I would get it if partying on Friday night had messed up my schedule, but I got to bed earlier than 4 even on Friday night! What gives?


I swear I have the weirdest playlist for Data right now to do Descent OOMs. The first weird thing about it is that I actually have a playlist for him-- I've never worked out any songs for him normally, because playing an emotionless android just doesn't call for music. (I guess that's odd, because he does like music... Maybe I should put together a bunch of classical pieces? Lol.)

But yeah, I've got Linkin Park, Evanescence, Skillet, a couple songs from the New Moon and Eclipse soundtracks, and even some metal in there. Although the metal is mostly for... nevermind. Not music I normally associate with anything Star Trek. XD


Yeah, I got nothing. I'm bored. XD

*tries to find brain for tagging...*

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