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I don't want to spam the backroom with another post, but I have to apologize again for not coming back full-force when I said I was going to. So pass this along if anyone's asking after me, okay? (Not sure why they would, but if they are...) I'm really sorry. T.T

Fridays are difficult because I don't have access to my computer at my elementary school, and I tend to be worn out from the liveliness of the kids and the accumulation of fatigue from the whole week by the time I get home.

And then this Saturday, we went to celebrate someone's birthday and were out all night at this stupid bar. Of course I was driving for the other JET in my town (because I don't drink and he wanted to), and of course he got totally wasted, and of course he threw up on the way back after 45+ minutes of winding mountain roads. He got most of it out the window but there was still some cleaning up to do... He felt really, really horrible about it, though, so I tried not to give him too hard a time. He basically spent all of today trying to make it up to me by going with me to get cleaning supplies so he could clean it up for me a third time, to try to make sure it was all completely gone. I'm not positive that it is, but he offered to pay if I decide I need to get it cleaned professionally.

Anyway. So it's been a rough, busy weekend for me.

This week I have to put together a presentation on Martin Luther King, Jr. for my third-years at my junior high. So I imagine I'll be pretty busy with that between classes for the next two days, and probably after school as well. But hopefully things will have calmed down by the end of the week. Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

I love you guys. ♥ *flops*


Sep. 13th, 2010 01:49 pm
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I am ridiculously and pathetically happy right now. I just successfully ordered something from Amazon.co.jp in ENGLISH and it'll be here TOMORROW. And I got to pay in U.S. DOLLARS with my AMERICAN CREDIT CARD with NO ADDITIONAL FEE.

This is a happy day.

Now I just have to resist the impulse to buy ridiculous amounts of stuff from that site. XD

In other news, do you ever wish you could stop a scene in real life to give people notes?


From Saturday... )

*sighs* Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.

OOM rant!

Sep. 4th, 2010 12:06 pm
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Last one, hopefully. T.T

Write yourself, DANGIT! *smacks Data-headvoice with laptop* Ow. *has headache now*

Angry!Data is giving me so much difficulty. I am anxious to be done with him. :/ I just... I don't get him. Like, I get him, but I don't.

I don't mind him being all angry and bitchy-- that I can do, lol. But right now he's just so, "Rarrrgh I hate all the humanz! Especially the three people in the entire galaxy WHO HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE NICEST TO ME." ._.;

I understand, though... He's never felt any other emotions and he wants to keep them and he can't help being angry at everything. I get that. It works on paper, and I think I can even manipulate it so that it works better that it's Picard, Troi, and Geordi. But I can't feel it at all. Which makes it really hard to write.

I've been struggling with this ever since I started writing OOMs for him... I've been working on these episodes since I started playing him, pretty much. I think I just need to keep plodding through...

-_- ...

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