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Whoopsie! Skipped for two weeks. Where has the time gone?

Sorry I haven't been around at all, guys. Still trying to stay calm and things. (Sometimes failing—*cough cough* last night.)

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I skipped last week—whoops! ^^; And now I feel like there are all sorts of things I thought of over the past two weeks that I'm forgetting, but here we go anyway. ^_^

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…The FML Edition.

Just kidding. Well, sorta. Only sorta because I feel I should preface this by saying that I've hit another low this week. I feel borderline depressed, honestly (I'm not even sure I should be saying "borderline"). But I'll put the details behind a cut; feel free to skip it. In fact, I might recommend it. :P

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*deep breath*

But because I have not been depressed every moment of this past week (and because I need it now more than ever, really), we continue with your regularly-scheduled TILT:

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Late again, but only a day this time! ^^;

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This is late because they're supposed to be on Thursdays, but I want to start doing these. I have been so amazingly inspired by Gala Darling's website this past year, and I really want to start incorporating her ideas of Radical Self-Love into my life in active ways. (What better time to do this than when I've been feeling down?)

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