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If you look on the website for the Japan Meteorological Agency, my little prefecture has been colored red for "High Warning" all weekend. There was a lot of rain, a typhoon that came close that was kind of a non-event, and today it's so windy it was actually somewhat difficult walking from my car to the front doors of the school.

That said, I had a pretty nice weekend. I only stayed indoors all day yesterday (when the typhoon came closest, just in case). On Saturday, I went all the way back up to Takarazuka to see another show, and the gentle rain all day was kind of nice. I bought a pretty umbrella at the theater (they have lots of pretty shops there) to replace my boring, navy folding one. All the Japanese girls have cute umbrellas with designs on them, and now I have one too.

I have been sucked into this whole Takarazuka Grand Revue thing way too fast. The problem comes when you start recognizing the names of certain actresses, and remember that oh yeah she sang really fabulously in that one part, hey look here's a shiny photo of her-- would you like one? it's an afforable little souvenier. And then oh look over here we already have the DVD of that other show you saw, or perhaps you want to see that one you missed that looks really cool, maybe a musical adaptation of your favorite classic novel? And then we have photobooks and magazines and posters and HOLY CRAP I almost spent 300 dollars!!! (Though I actually managed to restrain myself this last time... mostly. But now I have a list of things I regret not picking up. ^^;)

The show I saw this time was an historically-based musical, about a famous samurai named Mitsunari, my knowledge of whom comes almost entirely from a combination of what I saw yesterday and his Wikipedia page (and, I suppose, a basic knowledge of that period in Japanese history). I forgot to read the synopsis before I went, but considering that, I followed what was going on pretty well-- he fell in love with the wrong girl, led a major battle, fought bravely and lost, and got executed. The costumes were gorgeous, the sets were gorgeous, and the acting was wonderful. I was really impressed with the star in this troupe; she has sort of a willowy low voice, and wonderful control.

Random fact about the Cosmos Troupe: all of their otokoyaku (actresses playing male roles) are very tall. Most of them are over 5'7" (170cm)-- that's taller than me! o.o They have this one chick who's like 5'10" or something ridiculous. And she didn't exactly stand out, either.

I, um... don't have girl-crushes on any of the actresses, what are you talking about. *cough cough*

Anyways, thanks to everyone who tagged Data this weekend! If I'm light on classes today I should be able to tag back. Love and sparkles and feathers to all of you. ^o^ ♥


Oct. 29th, 2010 06:46 pm
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A typhoon is coming! HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!

My fellow JETs tell me it won't be a big deal, and talk about going to parties on Saturday night.

My teachers told me to get all my grocery shopping for the entire weekend done today, and asked if I owned a flashlight.

The Prefectural Advisors emailed the Mie JETs and advised that we fill up our bathtubs in case the water supply is cut off.

In summary, I really expect everything to be fine. (If not, I have water in my tub.) My only concern is whether or not I'll have to put the rain shutters up on the side of my apartment. And if I do, I'm sure my neighbors will be doing so as well, so I'll hear them, and maybe they'll even help me if I need it. But the mechanism looks pretty simple.

In the meantime, I don't feel like going out and driving. So I'm guessing I'm pretty much a shut-in for the next 48 hours or so... It's supposed to hit the worst tomorrow morning, and continue onto Sunday morning. So as long as the power doesn't go out, I'm here, I'm on my laptop, and I'm bored!


UPDATE: My peers are coaxing me out of hiding to go to a Halloween party tomorrow night, if weather permits. Which seems likely; I've checked the weather report and the storm forecast keeps getting weaker and farther from shore. But I'll still be around for all of what will be this evening for most of you!

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