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Late again, but only a day this time! ^^;

My Dad! It was his birthday yesterday (Thursday). He's a really awesome dad and I'm really lucky to have him. I miss him a lot (along with the rest of my family, of course)!

The Takarazuka Grand Revue. I will admit it; I'm a little obsessed. I took my friend to see one of their shows on Thursday and we both LOVED it. These women are very talented singers/dancers/actresses. Plus their productions are full of sparkle (and feathers! and sparkles on the feathers!). If you've never heard of them look up some clips on YouTube—hours of entertainment! There's nothing else like them anywhere. I could go on about them for pages.

The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum. Also in Takarazuka, where he grew up. Osamu Tezuka was the creator of Astro Boy, and the father of all things anime and manga!! It's a tiny little museum, but they had a ton of his early work, including some drawings from grade school! It was really cool to see his work and his influences—which included early forms of manga, Disney, and (my favorite, so I have to mention it) the actresses he grew up watching in the Takarazuka Revue.

~Little Things That Made Me Smile~

♥ More bath things from LUSH ♥ Pin curls ♥ Wearing a dress as casual wear ♥ Osaka Namba ♥ Eating Mexican food in Japan ♥ Stuffed pigs ♥ Bath salts scented like "Water" ♥ Taking this photo (my friend's idea) ♥ Samba ♥ The weather ♥ Getting out of my house ♥ Listening to music while I walk down the street ♥ Bodyline ♥ Seeing a maiko at the theater ♥ Treasure Planet icons ♥ NYANCAT

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