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Whoopsie! Skipped for two weeks. Where has the time gone?

Sorry I haven't been around at all, guys. Still trying to stay calm and things. (Sometimes failing—*cough cough* last night.)

How to seduce a Pisces. There is not a single word of this that I find to be untrue, for me—I would fall for any one of those tricks! And the snuggle code; OMIGOSH THE SNUGGLE CODE. Go to this page to look up how to seduce other Signs. They're all adorable! Makes me want to actually start conversations with the old cliché, "Hey baby, what's your Sign?" (Incidently, f-list, what's yours, and would these work on you?)

Pin curls and 40's 'dos. And wearing them to work! I'm a bit of an oddball here for doing it (not many Japanese girls are rocking the victory rolls, for obvious reasons, even though they'd look SO CUTE in them). I'm not very good at vintage styling yet, but once I get back to the States, I am going to make every effort to rock that look every day! Practice makes perfect, right? I've found a couple of good everyday styles that look like fun, too.

Taking an IQ test online. Don't know exactly how accurate this test is—it varies—but I scored a 143! Whut-whuuut!! Needed that little ego-boost yesterday. *Vain!* And while I generally don't seek out problems that are "challenging," the questions were a nice stretch for my mind and passed some downtime at work beautifully.

This take on your Rising Sign. What it says about my Scorpio Rising both frightens and inspires me. But the Taurus part is so true.

~Little Things That Made Me Smile~

♥ Little plush Pikachus ♥ Counting down the days 'til I'm back at home (39!) ♥ Nyan Cat Love Song ♥ The rain ♥ Seeing the sun again ♥ Socks with pumps ♥ Angry Birds ♥ This parody of Angry Birds ♥ Talking with my sister past midnight ♥ Trying french tips on my nails ♥ Dark blue nail polish with sparkles ♥ Bright red lip gloss ♥ Daydreaming lots ♥ Taking a "nap" in the office at another teacher's suggestion ♥ Actually being able to help students with their homework (even if I have to use a little Japanese) ♥ New shinies in my sister's novel ♥ Telling people how hot it is already back home ♥ Plushies with emoticon faces ♥ Winning two at once from the UFO catcher ♥ The air conditioning being turned on at my school ♥ Looking up friends' birthdays on Facebook ♥ Airplane! ♥ Sleeping in

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