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Just had to stop in and say, thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful lovely thread in the love meme!!! What a pleasant surprise. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to participate... you all deserve 10x that much love from me because you are all AWESOME. XD

*runs off to class*
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I still haven't answered that long meme in which I was tagged by [Unknown site tag]. But I seem to have time today and just enough brain for that, so while I'm working on it I shall post this other one as well:

Name a character I've written before (this counts for all RP & fic characters; past, present or even AU) and I will tell you...

01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Turn-ons
08. Last sexual experience
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks in bed
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

Pup list in my profile! Have at, my loverlies. :3
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I drew a quick present for [livejournal.com profile] ceitfianna. ♥

This is long overdue. )

Happy Easter everybody! ^.^/
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You guyyyyyys. T_T

I am SO sorry I have not been around and tagging lately! I'm seriously so mad at myself and I don't know what to do. I don't even want to ask for fades because all of the threads I have going right now are so awesome, but I'm starting to think that's what I'm going to have to do. I'll let them sit there for a few more days at least, but… Seriously, every time I even start to think about tagging, I just feel so overwhelmed. I don't even know why; 15 threads isn't all that much.

So anyway, I'm really really sorry. You guys deserve more of my attention than I've been giving, and I know it's really hard to get into threads when they're in such epic slowtimes. I haven't even been tagging back once a day, which should be the least I can manage.

I really love you guys, despite my fail. And I'm really sorry.

This does absolutely nothing for anyone, but I have a drawing I just pumped out in the past few hours…

Daily Drawing #9 )
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It is now 28 minutes before midnight as I'm typing this, which means I finished all of my pictures for people on time! Yay! XD

Presents )

presents )


Love you all, guys! ♥ Thanks for an awesome year and and awesome Milliversary. I had fun.

Here's to another awesome year! :D
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AGGGHHHHHHHHH I only have 8 days to finish three pictures!!!! D:

I'm not freaking out about self-imposed deadlines. ._. What?

And heaven knows I've been doing enough drawing lately so that this shouldn't be a problem. Anyway. This one was fun!

Presents, presents, presents... )
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Another present! )

Btw, they're still open for whoever might want a drawing-- they're really fun, and I'm flattered that anyone's wanted one at all! XD Unfortunately, I can't promise that anyone who asks for one from this point on will get it before my Milliversary on February 13th. But I would still like to do one for anyone who wants one!

(Am I making any sense right now? I'm braindead for some reason. O.o)

Love you guys. ♥
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This one's less of a surprise. ;)

Another Christmas present! )

These are still open for anyone who wants. ^__^ Just let me know! Comment with a favorite moment/thread! And if we haven't threaded, talk to me and I bet we can figure something out. ;)
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Hey, guys! Remember that question I asked on Thursday?

Well, only one person responded, which is totally cool. XD It just proves what a TOTAL SWEETHEART she is. ♥ (I think she's commented on basically all of my inane journal entries, lol.)

So I've got a surprise for her! )

If anyone else wants a drawing, please let me know! I'd like to do these in lieu of Christmas cards or fanfic or anything like that. I don't write well with prompts for some reason, and I won't have time to send cards during my couple of weeks at home. But since it's almost December (yikes!) and I'm not positive how many of these I can get done before Christmas, if enough people ask for something, I'll extend it and say it's in celebration of my first Milliversary, which is coming up in February. What better way to celebrate than capturing memories of fun threads?

Thanks, guys! I ♥ you all.
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Hey, guys! Haven't posted in a while.

So, I have a question:

If we've threaded in [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar or in [livejournal.com profile] mixed_muses, what was one of your favorite threads of ours?

Why am I asking such a self-centered, seemingly pointless question you ask?

Oh. I dunno. *whistles innocently*

♥ ^_~* ♥


OOM rant!

Sep. 4th, 2010 12:06 pm
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Last one, hopefully. T.T

Write yourself, DANGIT! *smacks Data-headvoice with laptop* Ow. *has headache now*

Angry!Data is giving me so much difficulty. I am anxious to be done with him. :/ I just... I don't get him. Like, I get him, but I don't.

I don't mind him being all angry and bitchy-- that I can do, lol. But right now he's just so, "Rarrrgh I hate all the humanz! Especially the three people in the entire galaxy WHO HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE NICEST TO ME." ._.;

I understand, though... He's never felt any other emotions and he wants to keep them and he can't help being angry at everything. I get that. It works on paper, and I think I can even manipulate it so that it works better that it's Picard, Troi, and Geordi. But I can't feel it at all. Which makes it really hard to write.

I've been struggling with this ever since I started writing OOMs for him... I've been working on these episodes since I started playing him, pretty much. I think I just need to keep plodding through...

-_- ...
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Or do you have have to pay extra, like I did with my Japanese cell phone? Maybe I've just lost mine.

Anyways, it seems I've hit a wall with my OOMing capabilities. Well, except for the one I wrote today, but I wasn't even planning on doing that one. *smacks forehead* Like I need to give you all more stuff to read. The darn page count is already up to 27 in Word... T.T

Anyway, my writing right now probably isn't as bad as I think, but it feels like total crap when I'm sitting here writing it. I did actually read over some of it today, and it wasn't so bad... I dunno. Maybe I just need to relax and stop working on it for a while. But it's rolling around in my head and I feel sort of wired, like I have to write something... It's a weird feeling. O.o

I made some new icons, and I did post a few OOMs in the appropriate journals. But only a few so far. I need to keep editing the other ones I have.

Still only 57% finished with these...

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Woo-hoo! 7 out of 15 done of my "Descent" OOMs for Data! \o/

I've had fun with the couple that I've done today. It's nice actually having an excuse to narrate in something more like my usual style, which is slightly less linear than how I usually narrate Data. You know. Just slightly.

Metaphors are nice. I like being able to use them once in a while, okaaaaay?

Anyhoo! I'm starting to get really excited to post all this stuff. I might put some of it up in his journal soon, though the current plan for posting in Milliways is to do it all at once. There's this really nice section of dialogue from the episode "Brothers" that just fits so well with linkage... Hopefully it won't be too much to read. It's a 14-page Word document right now, and I'm just now getting to the hard part. XD I'm thinking this thing'll be... 40 pages in total? Maybe more. We'll see. So yeah, it's basically an epic, canon-based fanfic.

But wheeeee! I'm having so much fun! :D

Anyone curious to read? ;3

Update! 8 out of 15! Now the sucker is 22 pages long... heh heh. ^^; That last one was a doozy.....
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I'm doing laundry today. That's all that's going to get accomplished, I think. I was going to vacuum my tatami, but I'm just not feeling up to it... I didn't get to sleep until 4 am last night, for reasons I don't understand. O_o I would get it if partying on Friday night had messed up my schedule, but I got to bed earlier than 4 even on Friday night! What gives?


I swear I have the weirdest playlist for Data right now to do Descent OOMs. The first weird thing about it is that I actually have a playlist for him-- I've never worked out any songs for him normally, because playing an emotionless android just doesn't call for music. (I guess that's odd, because he does like music... Maybe I should put together a bunch of classical pieces? Lol.)

But yeah, I've got Linkin Park, Evanescence, Skillet, a couple songs from the New Moon and Eclipse soundtracks, and even some metal in there. Although the metal is mostly for... nevermind. Not music I normally associate with anything Star Trek. XD


Yeah, I got nothing. I'm bored. XD

*tries to find brain for tagging...*
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Oh em gee u gaiz so epiiiiiiic...

I finally got Data through his canon to this FANTASTIC two-part episode that's definitely one of my favorites ever. Enter the Borg, Lore, the emotion chip, and Data basically deciding that he likes causing people pain. There's so much good stuff in there I can hardly stand it. I've been looking forward to this ever since I started playing Data. XD

So, yeah. There is a grand total of 15 OOMs I want to do.

...I'm going to be busy for a while. O.o

Not too busy to do other things, of course... I have a bunch of threads going with him right now that I'm going to finish, and then I plan to post him in once more before he plunges into "Descent" in millitime-canon. Not to mention there are things I want to do with my fellow sparklepires and Rosalie, and I also need to do a couple of OOMs with Eiji, one of which will involve another pup. But while everyone on the other side of the world is asleep and tagging is slow, I will be working on my OOMs for Data.

Omigosh you guys I'm so excited! XD <3

Has anyone else ever been this excited to do OOM stuff? TELL ME. I MUST KNOW. Send me links and stuff! :D What has been epic for you? Or what will be in the future?

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